Exercises to Do During Lockdown

Stay Home, Stay Healthy: 6 Exercises to Do During Lockdown

Due to the uncontrollable spread of the coronavirus disease, some countries or communities have already ordered a total lockdown while some are in restricted social isolation. No malls, no activity centers, no schools, most businesses stopped operating until further notice, and most gymnasiums choose to close as well.

With that being said, some people find it hard to figure out how to spend their time only staying at home. who are looking for ways to make your home quarantine days as productive as possible, why not take the chance to boost your health and get in shape, right?

This article dropped down the simplest exercises which you can do at home by yourself or with your family. take a look at this list of home exercises not only to keep you busy but most importantly to keep you in good health and top shape during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Abdominal crunches

If you’ve been wanting to have a six-pack ab for a long time now, then you might want to spend the lockdown season doing abdominal crunches. This easy home workout is an ideal exercise for getting your dream six-pack abs as it targets on strengthening your core. Aside from that, this exercise also helps in tightening the abdominal and oblique muscles of your body, enhances your posture, and boosts the flexibility and mobility of your muscles.

What you’ll love about this exercise is that it doesn’t require a gym membership or so. You just have to have a yoga mat and enough space where you can easily and freely move around.

Hip bridge

Another home workout that you can do during lockdown with just the help of a flat surface and a yoga mat is the hip bridge exercise. The hip bridge exercise insulates and strengthens the gluteus or butt muscles and hamstrings (the back of the thigh).

By doing it the right way, this exercise can skyrocket your core stability by targeting the abdominal muscles’ hip muscles. You may also want to read this for more knowledge: COVID-19 Awareness: Important Facts To Know About the Pandemic

Jog in place

Since you’re ordered to stay at home, obviously, you can’t go out for a morning walk or run or you can’t even make going to the gym as an excuse just to keep up with your fitness routine. Don’t worry because you can still get rid of those belly fats you gained from your lazy days by mimicking the movements you make when jogging or running outside, but staying in place – jog in place. Although jogging in place doesn’t burn as many calories as jogging outside, this classic home exercise is still beneficial for you to stay physically active amidst the coronavirus lockdown.


The next exercise on the list may not look as difficult as it really is, none other than the lunges exercise.

Lunges exercise is good for building up strength and toning the body particularly the core, glutes, and legs. This exercise also helps in enhancing your posture and range of motion. This is an exercise which you can do whether you’re out at the park or staying at home for the weekends or so. But since you’re encouraged to stay home, then you can do lunges at the comfort of your place.


For building up or maintaining your upper body strength during the time of lockdown, push-ups are a good exercise to do. Push-ups exercise targets the chest muscles, shoulders, triceps and also strengthen your lower back and core by pulling in the abdominal muscles.

Reverse crunches

Another basic core strengthening exercise is next on the list and that’s the reverse crunches. By doing this exercise at home, you can get enhanced stability all over your lower back, hips, and spine. Reverse crunches are the reversed version of the traditional or original crunches exercise, hence its name.

The bottom line:

While some people are feeling hopeless and bored as they comply with the mandated lockdown in some countries or communities around the globe, be different from them. Stay home, and stay fit and healthy at the same time. Take the opportunity to boost your general well-being by also protecting yourself from catching and/or spreading the coronavirus disease. If you think this article makes a lot of sense, why not comment on your thoughts below or spread the word by sharing this post?

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